PCSmart Group

Founded in February 2006, we are a UK based internet services company specialising in cPanel/WHM and open-source virtualization technologies.

Our brands include:

PCSmart Hosting [Visit Site]

This was our original and only company website before we expanded into other markets. Today it is our main managed hosting brand where we offer cPanel based webhosting, managed Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and dedicated servers.

xenSmart [Visit Site]

Opened in January 2009, xenSmart was launched specifically to fill a gap in the UK VPS market offering unmanaged VPS powered by the Xen Hypervisor with an unbeatable Price/Performance/Reliability ratio. This was made possible through our extensive Server Management experience and fully owned infrastructure.

SmartServerManagement [Visit Site]

In March 2010 we launched a dedicated Server Management brand due to recurring demand from clients, and lack of a single VPS specialist management company in the hosting industry. We have since excelled in this niche area offering everything from Installation/Configuration and Security work for some of the largest VPS companies around.

Whats Next?

Though we can't say at the moment, we are working on something and it's going to change everything. Watch this space!